In order to meet our goals, we ask that the following guidelines are adhered to

 Payment and completed registration forms MUST be received prior to the first lesson.

If you have booked a block of lessons and do not attend any of your sessions, regrettably no refunds can be made.

 Swimmers should be suitably attired – females should wear one-piece suits and males should wear trunks or short, lightweight shorts.  Bikinis and water retaining, heavy or long shorts are not practical.

Swimmers with long hair MUST wear it securely tied back or wear a swim cap.

Our swim teachers normally work in the water with non-swimmers/beginners, both children and adults. 

Please ensure you have removed any chewing gum or sweets prior to arrival for your lesson.  During physical activity it is easy for participants to choke on foodstuffs.

 Ensure that you are by the showers 5 minutes before your lesson is due to start. Parents please ensure that you are on poolside when your child’s lessons ends, for safety reasons we are not permitted to take responsibility for children after their swim lessons have ended. 

Outdoor shoes must not be worn on poolside.  If shoe covers are not provided at your venue, please remove socks and shoes.

 As a courtesy to and for the safety of swimmers please do not try to distract the teacher after the lesson has started.

 In the event of unsafe or disruptive behaviour of any swimmer Infinity Swim School reserves the right to ask that swimmer to leave the lesson. 

 It is our policy not to cancel swim lessons, therefore, Infinity Swim School reserves the right to use alternative teachers qualified to the same level should your teacher be unavailable.